While there are conferences that cater specifically to top digital women and bloggers and others that cater specifically to brands and agencies, ShesConnected is the ONLY one that brings them all together in a unique and interactive forum.

This will be the best crash-course on how to reach women – the most influential and powerful consumer’s active in social space.

  • What Brands Are Saying (So Far)

    “The Twitter parties were extremely valuable for Nokia for connecting with a new audience. The participants were really engaged and passionate about technology. We are now getting bombarded by requests from female influencers – which is great!”
    Mila Mironova @nokiacanada
    “The level of engagement and amplification we have experienced through the ShesConnected Twitter parties is unprecedented for Toshiba Canada.”
    Melissa Moore @ToshibaCanada
    “While we’ve been engaged in social media for over two years, this incredible level of engagement was unprecedented! Within an hour of exchanging and sharing tweets, we were trending in Canada! It will be such a pleasure to meet these digital influencers face-to-face at the end of the month when we all meet for ShesConnected Toronto 2011. In the meantime, we’ll keep tweeting!”
    Carolyn Gardner @canadianmint 
    “Besides personally having a blast while participating in the ShesConnected twitter parties, I also learned more about what Canadian women think about not just the Janes brand but also about cooking for and feeding their families.”
    Dana McCauley @JanesFamilyFd
    “One of the best opportunities I’ve had to ignite conversation around our brand and receive real-time feedback on products, as well as overall chatter with a very welcoming and enthusiastic group.”
    Tonia Hammer @MolsonTonia

    What Women Are Saying (So Far)

    “The ShesConnected Twitter Party was the best I’ve participated in because there were representatives of the brands online to answer questions and provide information. I hope they understand their clients better after the Twitter party. I know I understand more about what they offer. Often Twitter parties seem to be about giving things away and getting a term to trend. The ShesConnected party was about connecting, though I’m sure some brands trended. It really was a party to be proud of.”
    Barbara Dundas @OttMomGo
    “If you’re going to throw a party on Twitter, you should first attend a ShesConnected Twitter party and take notes. Not only do they offer the chance to learn more about brands and connect with digital women, but they also provide a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to engage in a fun and meaningful way. The turnout is always impressive, as are the prizes, which makes ShesConnected Twitter parties very exciting. There is, undeniably, a lot of work and planning that goes into their Twitter parties, which consequently ensures their success.”
    Diana Mancuso @teachermomoftwo
    ShesConnected Multimedia is the go-to community management agency that provides outsourced community management services for leading brands. With a database of 400,000 bloggers, social networking sites and forums, we have created a proprietary methodology that allows brands to build meaningful relationships and conversations with women. ShesConnected has the expertise you need for creating and sustaining vibrant online communities. Contact us to find out how we can help your brand today
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