How 3 Women Have Successfully Dealt With The Impact Of The Coronavirus




Over the past months, a new virus known as COVID-19 has proliferated, transmitting to thousands of people and affecting humankind worldwide. We have yet to witness the devastating effect that it has in the aftermath – because of the state and countrywide lockdowns, school and business closures, and social distancing measures, among others – we are not experiencing the effect of the pandemic on our economy.

Businesswomen, specifically, are among the populations that are tremendously affected financially by the pandemic. From branding and marketing to mental and feminine healthcare, businesses have been required to adapt to these challenging times. In this article, let us give praise and appreciation to some businesswomen who have successfully dealt with the negative impact of the coronavirus.

Crystal Evuleocha. She is the founder of a digital health company to expand access to reproductive and sexual health services for multicultural women. Kliit, her company’s name, began during Evuleocha’s journey involving the Internet and how it provides convenience and safety in terms of health. This eliminates the need for patients to visit the emergency department or the hospital for consultation. She started launching telehealth consultations when the pandemic was continually spreading its wrath across the world. Kliit caters mostly women whether or not they have insurance coverage. She has a team of licensed therapists who are available to provide medical diagnoses, prescriptions, and advice. She was inspired to push this vision of hers as she observed that routine checkups and non-essential visits have become scarce for the past months.



Evuleocha also expressed her take on the importance of practicing self-care. She has pushed her advocacy by connecting with family and friends through video chat, helping them get the healthcare they need while keeping themselves safe at home.

Mollie Eliasof. This strong-willed woman is the CEO of her self-named company, the Mollie Eliasof Therapy, where she is also the Chief Therapist. She states that from its opening, there has been a steep increase in the need for their services. However, she also noticed that her clients were having difficulty paying for their consultations and organizing time for confidential connections. Because of this, Mollie launched a live show on Instagram to focus on providing free information. According to her, a lot of marriages fail with or without the current pandemic, and couples need all the support they can in their relationships. She aims to help them find better solutions before they decide to end their marriage.

In her live show, she also speaks about books that have somehow inspired her and podcasts that she finds interesting and helpful for her and her clients as well. She is also loves dancing and is currently doing online ballet classes, which she shares with her clients during her daily live sessions.

Dawn Dickson. The creator and organizer of PopCom, a digital retail company, Dawn Dickson, uses facial recognition and machine learning to comprehend her customers better. PopCom is involved in providing hardware and software solutions for kiosks and vending machines. Dawn is also the first woman founder ever to raise more than $1 million in a Regulation Crowd Funding round. When the pandemic hit the United States and other countries, Dawn recalls that their sales in vending machines, which were made in China, were largely affected, which made her decide to do the core of their manufacturing in America. It did take a while for her team to organize things and before the process went smoothly again, but she believed that it was the best move that her team ever made since COVID-19. It was difficult to renegotiate with their clients and make new partnerships, but she made it happen. Though she had to withdraw her previous showcase schedules for demonstrations, the upside was that delivery of the products was faster, and customer service became better.



As for self-care, Dawn Dickson has been religious, as she works at home and has a daughter who is in a homeschool program and obviously is also at home most of the time. She shares that despite her efforts to be successful in business, she strives to be the best mom to her child as well.

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