What Experts Say About Blogging And Why They Are Wrong

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Creating a blog is very easy these days. And good sites to begin blogging are Medium, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Many individuals would naturally protest that those are not blogging sites. But they are blogging sites. People read posts on social media the same way they read posts on traditional blogging sites. Therefore, social media platforms can be used as blogging sites.

Nowadays, many marketing experts teach that blogging is obsolete. But they are wrong. Blogging has become an institution. You can create a blog on any social media site, and through your blog, you can communicate with your target market.

How To Start Blogging

Blogging is putting content on an online site. If you are putting content on a web site, you are blogging. Twitter was described as a microblogging site. There are new social media sites such as Medium that has a very strong resemblance to a traditional blogging site. Instagram can even be considered as a type of blogging site. It is a visual blogging site. Snapchat is a blogging site that features posts that can be read or viewed in less than ten seconds dss.

Blogging is not obsolete. Blogging is still thriving on the internet. Blogging still exists, but it is now mainly in a different form. Blogging now embraces a much broader definition. There are now new ways to begin blogging. It is now no longer necessary to use traditional blogging sites such as WordPress. Traditional blogging sites can still be used, but they should not be the front line of your blogging program. Begin by posting content on blogging sites that is most compatible with your target market, and you can communicate with the groups that you are trying to reach.

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Many experts in internet marketing state that blogging is obsolete mainly because most traditional blogs often have a low number of followers. The problem lies in the fact that individuals who blog on traditional blogging sites, such as on WordPress or their website, do not know how to encourage people to go to their websites to read their blog posts. They did not take the time to learn search engine optimization (SEO). They do not use Facebook dark posts. They do not take advantage of Pinterest. They do not engage in storytelling through Snapchat. They are not using social media sites to pull readers to their blog pages.

Why Blogging On Social Media Is Important

If you are using a traditional blogging site, you can use social media sites to pull readers to your blog.

Social media sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, should be used as the front line of your blogging program to encourage readers to visit your leading website. The main site could be a web site, a blog site, or even a multimedia platform. But you have to be creative in your social media posts to encourage more visitors to your leading site. You can try in many different ways and determine which method works. You should also do your best to provide quality posts on your leading website, or you will run the risk of disappointing your visitors who may not visit again.

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Advantages Of A Personal Website

Unlike social media sites, you have complete control over a personal website or a traditional blog site. A popular blog site or a particular web site will not be affected by modifications in the system of social media sites. A conventional blog site or a personal web site allows you to control how much you post and how often you post.

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