What Everyone Should Not Forget When Marketing Through Facebook

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Facebook is known as one of the best social media channels you can use to communicate with family members and friends, regardless if they live five minutes or 5,000 miles away from you. You can text them, share images and clips, and even video chat with them through the app. Hence, you may not feel too troubled by the distance between you and your loved ones.

Nonetheless, what some people may not know is that even entrepreneurs can benefit from using Facebook too. The platform can become a host to your business advertisements, for one. The consumers can also contact you directly on the page and purchase the goods right there when you add the appropriate buttons.

Considering you have never used Facebook for business purposes, here’s an extensive look at what you should do.

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Complete Your Profile

You can have the company or personal page done in minutes, but you need to plan how your profile will appear to the public. It is going to reflect on the FB profile; that’s why you should carefully map out how you want to be known to your future customers.

It does not mean that you have to act like anyone, to be clear. However, before you publish the first post, you should be sure that everything is final. E.g., you already have a logo, you know which colors or hashtags to use, et cetera. This way, your potential customers can tell that you are not marketing in the dark.

Increase Your Followers

If the life of the business depends on the number of people following your page, its soul lies on the value of each post, picture, video, and ad that you share to the world. No written rule dictates the kind of content that you can and cannot publish. As a broad-minded entrepreneur, however, you should know how your clients think to be able to come up with promotional ideas that will matter to them. In particular, pay attention to what may or may not offend or tickle their creative minds.

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Choose Between Paid Vs. Unpaid Advertising

That is a dilemma for some women – and men – in business, especially for those whose firm has barely gotten off the ground. You see, a lot of articles talk about the advantages of paying Facebook to help with your advertisements. The people behind the platform will endorse your page and assist you in reaching new users in exchange of a small amount.

To decide if this aid is essential, though, think of the number of folks who have known your company’s existence pre-Facebook. If you have transacted with more or less 50,000 individuals, you can invite them to ‘like’ your FB page to allow their other friends to notice it. Word-of-mouth is the organic way available in case you wish to advertise for free. Now, if your deals are lesser than that, or you aim to multiply the number by ten-fold, you may then opt for paid ads.

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Use The New Page Layout Well

It is quite ironic how ‘change’ is the only thing that we cannot change in this world. From the people around us to our moods and desires, there will always be modifications that will take place, and there’s nothing we can do about it. To be specific, on Facebook, they do minor yet detailed changes in the platform pages. All you can do to ensure that the new layouts will work to your advantage is to:

1. Get Accustomed To The New Features

The creators of the social media channel made the design more user-friendly than the previous one. The first proof is that you can now share not only photos or videos on your posts but also your mood, location, milestones, polls, and even links to products. Separate compilations of Services, Reviews, Events, and other information are on the left-hand side of the page too.

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2. Make Proper CTA Buttons

Another thing that used to be amiss in the old version is the ability to customize call-to-action buttons that appear on the bottom of the cover picture. Facebook has even prepared different CTAs that you can add to the page. If you have a gaming page, for instance, you may add ‘Use App’ or ‘Play Game.’ In case you offer services, it’s possible to include a Contact Us button.

3. Use A Clear Profile Picture

As a Facebook user yourself, you may have skipped many pages in the past due to its low-resolution or inappropriate profile image that appears when you enter a keyword in the search box. This experience should give you an inkling that others may look for HD pictures like you; that’s why your profile photo needs to look sharp. We recommend making its size 360 by 360 pixels at maximum to fit in the new space.

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4. Redefine Your Cover Image

Of course, you cannot forget your cover image. Facebook moved the profile picture on the side so that the two will no longer overlap (unlike what’s shown on the photo above). That is your chance to create a banner that shows as much information about the business as possible without cramming words into all available spaces. You may change the cover picture several times a year to showcase the latest merchandise you are offering or write the services you offer craftily, yet ascertain that it has the right dimensions (828 by 465 pixels).

Final Thoughts

Despite the popularity of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels, there’s no doubt that millions of people still spend hours browsing through their friends’ and relatives’ Facebook feeds every day. If you can entice at least half of them to Like and Follow your page, then your marketing campaign can already be considered a success.

Think about it when you talk about expanding the business with your team once again. Good luck!

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