How Women Build a Strong Brand After Depression

Most people may associate power and leadership with men. When we live in a culture where genders are not treated equally, women are at risk of being over-powered and mistreated in the workplace and in their intimate relationships,” says Carol A. Lambert, MSW. However, this is not the case for the business world especially now that we’re living in an age where women are given an equal space like men to explore her full potential and make an impact in the industry. A number of females have already shown their ability in leading the industry, particularly in digital marketing. Some have succeeded in building their brands, while others were criticized.  


Yet, we cannot deny the fact that building a brand in digital marketing has some unique challenges for female professionals. Long hours of work, chaotic environment and extreme brainstorming of unique ideas can induce stress and anxiety. That is why depression is considered a prevailing companion of women working in digital marketing. 

Leaving the Black Dog of Depression for Brand Building 

Overcoming depression is not as easy as snapping a finger of your hand. Most women may take a longer period to recover and go back to their normal routine as brand builders. Additionally, according to Ben Martin PsyD, “Women experience depression about twice as often as men.” But, it differs on how motivated you are towards succeeding and finally becoming one of the empowered women like Melanie Deziel and Mari Smith in the digital brand building. So here are some points on coming out from depression to live a life of empowerment for stronger brand building. 

  1. Be physically strong 

To become empowered, a woman must be physically strong can build a stable brand for the market. Exercising and eating nutritious food will get enough energy to function well. “You don’t have to train for a marathon, but moving your body and light exercise is great for stress. It eases muscle tension and induces positive feelings,” wrote Adi Jaffe, Ph.D., founder of the IGNTD Hero Program, an online recovery program for addiction and mental health.

Thus, taking care of yourself fosters creative strategies and help you with setting aside of anxieties for digital marketing. This also supports your mental well being and keeps you motivated to think clearly.  


      2. Surrounding oneself with people who have the same passion  

Having a good core of friends is a form of contribution towards empowerment and building a stronger brand. They will encourage you to overcome anxieties and support your decisions. They are not threatened by your achievements but celebrate with you in both failures and success. With that, you will become a goal driven person towards the successful digital market. 

     3. Invest in yourself 

It is not considered vanity when you choose to invest in yourself because empowerment comes from within. Being able to connect with yourself is the first step towards overcoming depression and connecting with your audience. Knowing yourself will enable you to provide the preferences that your market likes. Also, it is an approach to take opportunities and to stay empowered.  

    4. Grow your social networks 

The modernization of technology is one cause of anxieties for women. But, it may also be the means towards recovery. As women, you can use the technology as a platform especially the social media to empower others and yourself as well. Connecting with other people will cater you the drive to keep going and empathize with other people. Social media could also help you spread messages and understand the business better. 


   5. Focus on being aspirational 

Becoming an aspiration to others will help you surpass challenges of anxieties and eventually tap a wider market. You will become an active digital marketer and at the same time an empowered woman towards interacting with your audiences by targeting their emotions. 


The Impact of Women Empowerment Towards Strong Brand Building 

Empowerment is an important stage in a woman’s career because it is a turning point between anxieties and success. Empowerment means you can overcome depression and you are now ready to build a stronger brand in the business industry. So, becoming an empowered woman is a way towards building a strong brand as a digital marketer. Mainly because you have a clear mindset in achieving your goal and you can make a wise decision. 


An empowered woman is strong and self-sufficient. She knows where to start building a strong brand for the market. She knows how to empathize and ideate even from small ideas. She knows how to use her past experiences, whether it is good or bad, to be able to cater what her customers needed. She can even be honest if she needs help from platforms like BetterHelp. With empowerment, a woman can build a stronger brand even after experiencing depression. So, what’s in it for you? 


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