5 Professional Career Tips From The Women Of Digital Marketing

 Believe it or not, digital marketing is a conventionally male-dominated industry. According to a recent Digital Skills Gap Report, only 30 percent of the digital marketing workforce are women, despite being 11 percent more proficient than men. Aside from this, only 6.5 percent are women executive directors.  

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Because of this problem of inequality in this field, some women are discouraged to take part in this track. They believe that it is impossible to rise in the ranks as proven by statistics. However, according to successful women digital marketers, nothing is impossible in their world. With that in mind, they provided a list of career tips they want to share with other women in digital marketing.  


Find A Mentor 

Leanne Goddins, NATIVE VML’s Group Account Director, tells women to look for a mentor who will guide them in their digital marketing career. They can be of help in terms of gaining confidence, exposing them to the realities of the job, advising to make better career choices, teaching them the technicalities of their work, and identifying job opportunities.  

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Once they have established their place in the field, she advises them to give back to the women community and offer their services as mentors as well.  


Earn Your Seat At The Table 

It is not enough that you wait for opportunities to find your way. Instead, Jodie Ingle, Bigfoot Digital’s Senior Account Manager, advises women to work hard for it.  

 “Continue to grow your network. This statement can seem daunting at first and may fill you with fear as you approach new people, but you need to network to ensure you make an impression on the right people and earn your seat at the table. People will only take you seriously as a businesswoman if you actively challenge others and stand up for yourself,” she says.  


Use Diversity To Your Advantage 

It is not new to people that women are known for their diversity. They have the power to bring unique insights on the table, and they have an indescribable way of thinking. Hence, Vanessa Gibb, the Head of Human Resource of Native VML Head, encourages women to use their diversity to be able to produce the best digital marketing campaigns.  

In a world where marketing clients are asking for a different kind of approach to marketing campaigns, it is now the women’s turn to spearhead this kind of change.  


Knowledge Is Power 

According to Steph Briody, another Account Manager at Bigfoot Digital, knowledge will be a woman’s greatest asset in this competitive world. Learn about the latest industry news, meet prospects, learn new digital strategies, and consult with other experts. Most of all, promote proactivity.  

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Working in a male-dominated industry is never an easy task. However, with a combination of determination and knowledge, it will be harder for the management to let go of such an asset to the company.  


Establish A Support Network 

Lauren Harper, Senior Manager Social Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud, believes that having a support network will lead someone to his or her goal easier. This group of people can help you improve sales capacity, share better marketing strategies, and coach on the technicalities brought about by the job.  

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Remember, however, that this circle is not limited to the workforce inside companies. People who are not co-workers can also be a part of a support system. It would also be better if this support network includes women who are also facing the same struggles and challenges as you.  

Hopefully, these professional career tips from the best digital marketers inspire more women to step up and grab opportunities in the industry. Do not be afraid to enter an uncertain world, instead, let this serve as an inspiration to push yourself to be the best version of you.  


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