The Importance Of Having A Woman’s Voice In Digital Marketing 

Even to this day, women still struggle to cement their voice in society. In the corporate setting, women all over the world are still fighting to be heard and to be represented well in the boardroom.  


Even in the advertising world, where leadership roles tend to be more flexible to encourage creativity, sadly, gender equality in the advertising industry remains dismal.

While more and more advertising agencies are going for the technological shift, there is more work to be done in terms of female representation—the glass ceiling for female executives is still present.

Given this reality, here are some compelling reasons why it is important to increase women’s voice in the realm of digital marketing.

They Know Their Target Audience Better
Women know their fellow women’s wants and needs. If men were to create a digital advertising strategy for, say, sanitary pad products, male digital advertisers would not be able to address what women need fully. They have not experienced it in the first place anyway.  



In addition, products specially made for women are becoming common globally. Women want to buy these products because women believe that these products suit their needs better. For example, there are deodorants for women that have active whitening ingredients. Many women choose to buy this product as compared to regular deodorant.

Furthermore, women want to buy products that reflect what they stand for and support their causes. Women have long been subjected to advertisements that tend to objectify them. Traditional advertisements made from the male perspective portray women either as homemakers or sex objects. It is high time that women see ads that will uplift them and celebrate their individuality.

Women Tend To Listen To Their Market Well 

Studies found that female digital marketers, as compared to male counterparts, are better listeners. They go the extra mile to understand their market intimately. As opposed to giving out questionnaires, some female digital marketers even immerse themselves on the ground if necessary, just to get the feel of what it’s like for their target market.  


Thus, female digital marketers will be able to provide better insight and better outputs that are relatable and engage their target audience well.

They Collaborate More
To come up with a killer marketing strategy, two (or more heads) are better than one. Female digital marketers are good collaborators. They want to hear each idea out and try to mesh these ideas together. Women exert more effort to make sure that everyone gets on board and is on the same page. It is innate in women to collaborate and relate with other people. This ability is thus one of their key strengths in coming into any digital marketing platform.

They Are Well-Educated
Mostly coming into the workforce with their MBAs in tow, women in digital marketing can bring fresh ideas they have acquired from business school. Novel ideas and strategies can propel any digital marketing agency to greater heights. Given this information, it is just disappointing that while women are more educated, they are not provided the same leadership opportunities in comparison to male peers. Male peers are still given higher pay even if their women counterparts are doing the same amount of work.   


Having a woman on board in any digital marketing agency is definitely an asset. Most female digital marketers have what it takes to deliver a sound and relatable brand strategy. They go out of their way to study and get a feel of their market wants. Women are also good at collaborating with a team. As a result, the brand strategy reflects what was really discussed by the team. Given these points, female digital marketers should have a chance to break slowly the glass ceiling that limits these capabilities. 



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