6 Most Influential Women In Digital Marketing 

Women are now leaving their mark in the digital marketing world. Their ability to create trends, think critically, innovate, and lead is now becoming vital in this field. Today, there are numerous of these women who are making a name for themselves. That is why we created a list of these amazing women for you to follow in social media and to boost your own creativity. You might need a little bit of inspiration, right? 

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Melanie Deziel 

Melanie Deziel is one of the world’s leading experts in the world of Native Advertising. She has collaborated with numerous companies such as the HuffPost Partner Studio and Brand Studio. She is also known as a renowned speaker in various digital marketing events which led her to train marketing professionals of different backgrounds. She also has a newsletter entitled The Overlap League which helped her cement her expertise in digital marketing.  

As one of the most successful and famous branded content consultants, Top Rank included her in the list of the Top 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing.  


Amisha Gandhi 

Gandhi is known for her versatility. She has taken up numerous roles in marketing under both new-born startups and large enterprises in Silicon Valley. After 15 years of stint in the company, Amisha decided to work under SAP as the head of influencer marketing. Currently, she is on works in helping drive demand gen and improving marketing campaigns globally.  


Heidi Cohen 

Heidi Cohen has a lot of achievements in her portfolio. She is the Chief Content Officer of an award-winning blog called the Actionable Marketing Guide. Before taking part in this prestigious position, she has also worked with well-known companies such as the Economist, Citibank, and Bertelsmann.  

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The position which gave her a name was when she became the president of the famous Riverside Marketing Strategies. It is a marketing company which helps in the digital work of firms such as the New York Times.  


Mari Smith 

Smith is among the prestigious media outlets’ favorites when giving out recognition. Top Rank named her as one of the Top 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing while Forbes included Mari in the list of the Top Ten Social Media Power Influencers. She is also known as a famous author. She wrote books which rocked the world such as “The New Relationship Marketing” and the “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.” 


Anke Audenaert 

Audenaert is already a veteran in the industry of digital marketing. She is known for her expertise in developing the best consumer insights based on web analytics and in-depth analyses of her customers. She also has broad experience in the fields of the packaged goods industry and the internet.  

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In recent years, she has worked as the Vice President of Market Research at Yahoo! She is currently working as the Head of the Nanodegree Digital Marketing of Udacity. Unknown to many, despite her busy schedule, she also co-founded two large companies and she works as a professor at the UCLA Marketing Faculty on the side.  


Ann Handley 

Handley is known for running a marketing training company called the MarketingProfs. Aside from this, she is a keynote speaker, digital strategist, entrepreneur, and author of several best-seller books. One example of this is her work “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” which was included in the prestige best-seller list of the Wall Street Journal.  

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Her greatest achievement includes being recognized as one of the seven Most Prestigious Professionals in Modern Marketing by IBM.  

These six people are only just a small number of the most influential women in the world of digital marketing. They are indeed constantly creating trends, pushing boundaries, and producing the best output.  


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