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About Quaker Oats

Everywhere you look today, people are over-committed, over-tired and over-whelmed. While we try to accomplish more and more on our endless to-do lists, we’re missing out on the good things in life.

But there’s hope. There’s power to be found for our bodies and the vitality inside us all. And the great news is that part of the solution is right in our own pantry: the Quaker oat.

Launched by the pioneers of the oat industry and now proudly Pepsi QTG Canada, the Quaker Oat was inspired by the ideals of honesty, purity and integrity - and the amazing nutritional value of the super grain known as the oat.

Throughout the years, we’ve used our expertise and pursued unique milling methods that provide wholesome nourishment with greater convenience.

And today, our original principles hold true as our company provides nutritious and tasty oats while working to lessen our impact on the environment.

The Quaker Oat offers a variety of healthy, whole-grain benefits and can help you build a foundation for a balanced lifestyle. Your morning oats can provide you with a key part of the nutrition and energy you need to live the life you’re striving for.

It’s never too early or too late to start living well to achieve our dreams; to realize our goals for happy, fulfilling lives. Wherever you go, people want to raise strong, healthy families; beat their best time; see sons and daughters graduate.

Quaker Oats can help you get started with a whole-grain energy boost that can help keep you going throughout your busy day.

Feel the power of Quaker Oats for yourself - and begin to enjoy more.


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