Proofreading – Is It For You?


Proofreading is done after all the editing process, and this is the last stage before your work will be printed out. You will focus on finding any overlooked misspellings and typographic errors, consistency, grammar, and other inserts.

The Proofreading Process

You may use the proofreading process below to help you with your work

Don’t Rely Entirely On Spelling Checkers

In the age of technology, you can easily use a spelling checker online, but don’t solely rely on it, what they check are only limited in their dictionary. And sometimes, it will not accurately catch your errors.


Grammar Checkers Can Be Even More Problematic

This will annoy you more than you expected, they will sometimes ask you to revise your sentence, but they won’t give you a thorough explanation of why you should do that. They can’t catch every error, and they sometimes make mistakes.

You can use an online grammar checker to help you see the errors and edit it yourself.


If you are proofreading the punctuation, focus only on the punctuation. You will lose your focus if you check the punctuation and spelling at the same time, you tend to make more mistakes. If you are done in one task, proofread it all over again for another kind of error.

Read Slowly And Read Every Word

Do not skim over your work. Read it slowly and read every word. Doing this will help you notice every detail and mistakes.

Read each sentence aloud, and it will help you catch mistakes that you can’t visually see.

Separate The Text Into Individual Sentences

Break-in between sentences and read it separately, and aloud, it will give you a new perspective on your work. It will help you catch grammar errors, punctuation, or spelling.

Circle Every Punctuation Mark

Every time you do this, ask yourself if it is the correct punctuation use in that specific sentence

Read The Paper Backward

This technique will help you get your attention. Your mind is already following the structure if you read it from the beginning, and you often miss some mistakes.

By reading it backward, it slows you down, and your brain stops from misleading you.


Proofreading Is A Learning Process

In proofreading, you are not just looking for mistakes, but also, you are learning in the process to avoid similar errors in the future. Proofreading is not a one-time read-only, you will need to read it again and again until no mistakes are seen, and your work is in its correct format.

Don’t Make Ignorance As An Excuse

There are confusing words in the sentence, but the spelling or grammar checkers didn’t catch them. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t ignore it, instead, look it up yourself. It will help you in the future, and it will make you better in proofreading.

Have A Systematic Strategy

When you are proofreading your work often, you will find out the areas where you usually make a mistake and needed close attention. By proofreading it regularly, it will help you evolve your idea while correcting your work.

Always remember, the more you write, the more you edit, the more you proofread, the more you learn!




Is Editing The Same Thing As Proofreading?


Most people are interchanging editing and proofreading as two points of the revision process. But, they are not the same thing, although both required close and careful reading, but they emphasized different angles of the writing process and utilized a different approach.


Editing is a challenging job after you finished your draft, you have to edit it. Editing lets you see whether your paper is compelling if there’s a smooth transition between paragraphs, and if your argument backs up with the evidence that you have. You have to reread your drafts for you see those things.

Levels on what you can edit:



Content editing, as the name suggested, means checking the content of your work. You will go into the contents for factual errors, inconsistencies, and contradictions. If you are working for a fictional paper, in content editing, you need to check the plot, character, or dialogue. Content editing lets you check whether if the theme adequately developed. Content editing is subjective than other forms of editing; it involves a lot of thought and decision-making.

Content editing assesses the content in detail.

Overall Structure

Structural editing is not about revising your work, but it involves making structural changes.

In structural editing, your goal as the editor is to check out the story’s overall flow, paying attention to the plot, dialogue, descriptions, characterizations, and any other unique components to the story or writing, before going into details like spelling and grammar.

Structure Within Paragraphs

A paragraph is a distinct section of a piece of writing, a group of sentences that all relate to one main idea or topic. Topic sentence, unity, coherence, and adequate development; these are the four main characteristics your paragraph should have for it to be effective.

A topic sentence is one of the most effective ways to attain clarity and unity in one’s writing.

Unity is essential because it assists the readers in following along with your ideas. One paragraph only deals with one topic; when a paragraph is written, your readers will expect a new topic.

When you switch main ideas or topics within a paragraph, it often confuses. You, as a writer, should display how the concepts involved in a paragraph are connected to the main topic.

Adequate Development means when the paragraph describes, defines, and upholds the topic sentence.



Editing for clarity, your goal is having your sentence one interpretation only. To ensure your sentences are clear, you should use specific words, use active voice, simplify tenses, use Standard English, replace vague pronouns, avoid using the helping verbs (would, should, and could), and check for any misplaced modifiers.


The style in writing can be characterized as the way a writer writes. It can also describe as the author’s “voice” that readers listen to while reading. In style editing, it will let you see if you use correct capitalization, punctuations, the proper usage of apostrophes, and the words that are easily confused.


Citation and Reference editing are essential to a paper, especially if you are writing an academic paper. References validate the information you write in your paper; proper citations also complete the paper’s progress.

It is vital to give proper credit to your sources – footnotes, endnotes, reference lists, and separate citing page.

What Experts Say About Blogging And Why They Are Wrong


Creating a blog is very easy these days. And good sites to begin blogging are Medium, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Many individuals would naturally protest that those are not blogging sites. But they are blogging sites. People read posts on social media the same way they read posts on traditional blogging sites. Therefore, social media platforms can be used as blogging sites.

Nowadays, many marketing experts teach that blogging is obsolete. But they are wrong. Blogging has become an institution. You can create a blog on any social media site, and through your blog, you can communicate with your target market.

How To Start Blogging

Blogging is putting content on an online site. If you are putting content on a web site, you are blogging. Twitter was described as a microblogging site. There are new social media sites such as Medium that has a very strong resemblance to a traditional blogging site. Instagram can even be considered as a type of blogging site. It is a visual blogging site. Snapchat is a blogging site that features posts that can be read or viewed in less than ten seconds dss.

Blogging is not obsolete. Blogging is still thriving on the internet. Blogging still exists, but it is now mainly in a different form. Blogging now embraces a much broader definition. There are now new ways to begin blogging. It is now no longer necessary to use traditional blogging sites such as WordPress. Traditional blogging sites can still be used, but they should not be the front line of your blogging program. Begin by posting content on blogging sites that is most compatible with your target market, and you can communicate with the groups that you are trying to reach.


Many experts in internet marketing state that blogging is obsolete mainly because most traditional blogs often have a low number of followers. The problem lies in the fact that individuals who blog on traditional blogging sites, such as on WordPress or their website, do not know how to encourage people to go to their websites to read their blog posts. They did not take the time to learn search engine optimization (SEO). They do not use Facebook dark posts. They do not take advantage of Pinterest. They do not engage in storytelling through Snapchat. They are not using social media sites to pull readers to their blog pages.

Why Blogging On Social Media Is Important

If you are using a traditional blogging site, you can use social media sites to pull readers to your blog.

Social media sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, should be used as the front line of your blogging program to encourage readers to visit your leading website. The main site could be a web site, a blog site, or even a multimedia platform. But you have to be creative in your social media posts to encourage more visitors to your leading site. You can try in many different ways and determine which method works. You should also do your best to provide quality posts on your leading website, or you will run the risk of disappointing your visitors who may not visit again.


Advantages Of A Personal Website

Unlike social media sites, you have complete control over a personal website or a traditional blog site. A popular blog site or a particular web site will not be affected by modifications in the system of social media sites. A conventional blog site or a personal web site allows you to control how much you post and how often you post.

What Is E-Commerce?


Electronic Commerce is using the internet to buy and to sell services, products, and goods. It is also referred to as internet commerce or e-commerce. E-commerce may also include transactions involving the transfer of data, funds, or money. This type of digital marketing is essentially a commercial transaction that occurs within the internet.

There are four types of electronic commerce transactions: Consumer to Business (C2B), Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B). Online sites such as OLX, Quikr, eBay, Myntra, Shopify, Flipkart, and Amazon are examples of electronic commerce web sites. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the value of global Electronic Commerce can be as high as twenty-seven trillion dollars.



Types Of E-Commerce Transactions

Business to Business (B2B) Electronic Commerce are transactions that involve two companies directly transacting with each other. The consumers of the end product or service are not included in the transaction. These transactions may require only retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Electronic Commerce are transactions that involve a company directly selling their services or goods to the consumer. The customer visits the web site of the company where they can browse the company’s services or products. They can view pictures of the goods and read product reviews. The customer then makes their order. After that, the company has the product or goods delivered to the customer. Jabong, Flipkart, and Amazon are examples of Business to Consumer websites.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C) electronic commerce are transactions that involve two private individuals directly transacting with each other. No business organization is included in the transaction. It assists private individuals to sell another private individual their assets or goods directly. Usually, electronic gadgets, bikes, cars, and clothing are the goods that are sold. Quikr and OLX are examples of Consumer to Consumer web sites.

Consumer to Business (C2B) electronic commerce are transactions that involve a private individual selling their services or goods to a business organization. An example would be a freelance software developer selling his software application to a business organization.



Benefits Of Electronic Commerce

With Electronic Commerce, companies and private individuals can sell their services and products to a worldwide market. Electronic Commerce gets rid of many costs of traditional Commerce, such as maintaining a physical store. With lower costs comes higher profits. Part of the profits can be passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices.

E-Commerce saves both the company and customer effort, energy, and time. The delivery of products and services is quick. And complaints from the customer can be quickly addressed. Electronic Commerce is very convenient. The customer can shop at any time of the day and on any day of the week. The customer and the seller of the product or service can communicate directly with each other.

Liabilities Of Electronic Commerce

Starting a dedicated Electronic Commerce portal can be very expensive. Setting up the software and the hardware, as well as training the staff, can be very costly. The risk of failure is high in electronic Commerce. Very many dot-com companies failed in the 2000s. And the risk of failure is still very high today.

Without actual physical interaction with a live person, electronic Commerce can sometimes seem remote and indifferent. Security can be a problem with electronic Commerce. Hackers often target the servers of electronic commerce web sites to steal credit card and personal information. Mistakes can occur anywhere during the delivery chain. This will naturally lead to the customer becoming unsatisfied and even angry.

Is A Woman Psychologist Better For You?

Many people think a lot of things before getting in touch with a psychologist, whether it’s in a traditional or unconventional way (like going to BetterHelp). The truth is that it is only reasonable for this thing to occur, especially when many people are unsure of what to do once they contact the said mental health expert. At the same time, they are also wary about what other people may tell the moment words get out that they are seeking professional help. Whether you like it or not, the society is still not ready to understand that just because one seeks help from a psychologist or therapists does not necessarily mean that the said person is insane or crazy.




One of the common issues that people have trouble with is determining the gender of the psychologist to call. For sure, you are also wondering whether you should look for a female or male mental health expert. Well, the only thing that you must always keep in mind is that the gender of the said professional does not matter. What is essential is that you find someone skilled in the field of psychology. Find a professional who possesses the best qualities that every client or patient wants to have.


However, if you insist on finding out whether a woman psychologist is ideal for you, do not worry because we are going to present to you some facts in this article. Make sure that you read the content from top to bottom so that you can get the right information that you need. Take note that the choice of a psychologist is essential if you want to make professional engagement work. Here are some of the things to understand:


Know Your Needs


Before you start searching for a psychologist, it is imperative on your part to know your needs first. As much as possible, you must know the reasons why you must seek professional help. Sometimes, your needs can help you determine what kind of gender to select for the mental health expert that you are going to contact. For example, if you are a woman who has recently been divorced and want to get over it, you can find a therapist who is also a female so that you can relate easily with each other. Another alternative is to go for a male psychologist who can help you get a fresh new look to your current situation. At the same time, he can enable you to see a bigger perspective of what happened in your life. The ultimate choice lies in your hands.




You Always Have Options


Most of the best psychologists in the country work in clinics with their other colleagues. Because of this, it becomes easier for clients to select the psychologist that they want. What you need to do is to look at the background of each available mental health expert so that you can set your expectations right. There are times when the clinic will be the one to choose the psychologist to whom you will be assigned. Well, if you are smart enough, the clinic does not need to make the said decision for you. Feel free to ask the representative or staff from the said institution and put in a request for the exact psychologist to choose from. If you are still confused about who to select, do not fret because you can state the gender that you prefer and everything will be arranged carefully by the clinic. Be sure to avail of the options presented before you.


Skills Matter The Most


As already emphasized above, the gender of the psychologist to get in touch with is not the one that truly matters in seeking professional help. What is essential is that you find an expert whom you can easily relate to. Aside from this, you must look for someone that you can be completely honest with. Take note that the success in professional engagements with a client and a psychologist lie in their honesty with each other. If you cannot trust your psychologist, then you can expect to encounter several problems in the future. At the same time, it can also be apparent that your relationship with each other will never work. You cannot get the benefits that you expected to receive in the beginning.




As a conclusion, we want to remind everyone that you need to focus on the skills of a therapist, psychologist, or counselor. Whether you choose a male or a female, as long as that person is skilled, then you will not have any problem at all.


Top 5 Life Lessons From A Therapist

Do you want to get the best life that you deserve? Do you think you have what it takes to change your life today and transform yourself to become better? If you answered yes to all these questions, then this article is perfect for you. For today’s content, we are going to highlight the different life lessons that we received from a world-renowned therapist. We want to share the techniques and strategies that can help you accomplish what you want – a better and happier you.


Lesson No. 1: Family Comes First At All Times

Be sure to treasure every moment you have with your family. As much as possible, never put them in the backseat of your life. Your work or business must not come ahead of them. “This idea of feeling connected becomes very reinforcing, to all of us, and it contributes to happiness, it contributes to mental health and it does contribute also to physical health,” says John Northman, a psychologist from Buffalo, NY.

Keep in mind that the primary reason why you are working hard is that you want to provide them with a good life. However, everything will go to waste if they are no longer around once you reached success. As such, it is recommended that you find time to spend with your family no matter how busy you are. Make them feel that they matter in your life.


Lesson No. 2: Everything Is Temporary, And It Is Okay

As early as now, you must learn to accept the reality that everything in your life is temporary. Nothing is going to last forever, which is why you have to make every moment count. Whatever it is that you have right now may soon be gone tomorrow, and it is okay. What is important is that you continue to exert efforts in improving your life. Joanna Boyd, MCP, RCC, advises, “If you find your day is full of the activities that require more energy, you will feel zapped by the end of the day. Is there wiggle room to create time for things that charge your battery daily or every few days? Make shifts in your life and create balance or you risk feeling burnt out all of the time!”

When things do not happen the way you want them to, be sure to move on right away and think of better options on how to change the course of your destiny.



Lesson No. 3: Love Yourself First

Another thing that you must remind yourself is the significance of loving yourself first. Take note that you can never open yourself up to others if you have no self-love. Deborah Khoshaba, PsyD says, “Self-love is not simply a state of feeling good. It is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love is dynamic.”

As much as possible, appreciate all your good qualities. These are the same things that make others admire you as their friend, family or partner. Keep in mind that there are so many things to love about yourself. You will be amazed at how everything in your life can change the moment you become aware of your great character and personality. You can begin by writing a journal every day wherein you highlight the great things that happened because of your confidence and reliable attitude.


Lesson No. 4: No Man Is An Island

Cliché as it may sound, but it is true that no man is supposed to live alone. Whether you like it or not, you have to associate yourself with others. You must find a connection with the right people in your life. However, this does not mean that you can build relationships and friendships with anyone. It is crucial to learn how to assess whether a person is worthy of being part of your life. Do not be afraid to keep your circle small if it means connecting only with the right individuals. Keep in mind that it is better that way than to have lots of friends who only bring too much toxicity and negativity in life.




Lesson No. 5: Learn When To Take A Break

You must also learn the value of taking a break from something or someone the moment the latter becomes overwhelming. As much as possible, be excellent in knowing when is the right time to press pause from the things and persons that are causing anxiety and stress. For example, if your work becomes too stressful for you, be sure to have the courage to ask for a vacation leave.  Let your employer know the state of your mental health so that he can understand why you need to take a break for a while. Nonetheless, keep in mind that taking a break is way different from quitting. There’s nothing wrong to sometimes spoil or pamper yourself. It’s called self-love.


Familiarize the tips and tricks mentioned above if you wish to continue living a happy and blessed life. Always put in mind that everything is possible. Know what you want and focus on it. Good luck!

Should you feel the need to speak with a therapist, go to the BetterHelp website. They can help you deal with your psychological needs 24/7.

What Everyone Should Not Forget When Marketing Through Facebook


Facebook is known as one of the best social media channels you can use to communicate with family members and friends, regardless if they live five minutes or 5,000 miles away from you. You can text them, share images and clips, and even video chat with them through the app. Hence, you may not feel too troubled by the distance between you and your loved ones.

Nonetheless, what some people may not know is that even entrepreneurs can benefit from using Facebook too. The platform can become a host to your business advertisements, for one. The consumers can also contact you directly on the page and purchase the goods right there when you add the appropriate buttons.

Considering you have never used Facebook for business purposes, here’s an extensive look at what you should do.


Complete Your Profile

You can have the company or personal page done in minutes, but you need to plan how your profile will appear to the public. It is going to reflect on the FB profile; that’s why you should carefully map out how you want to be known to your future customers.

It does not mean that you have to act like anyone, to be clear. However, before you publish the first post, you should be sure that everything is final. E.g., you already have a logo, you know which colors or hashtags to use, et cetera. This way, your potential customers can tell that you are not marketing in the dark.

Increase Your Followers

If the life of the business depends on the number of people following your page, its soul lies on the value of each post, picture, video, and ad that you share to the world. No written rule dictates the kind of content that you can and cannot publish. As a broad-minded entrepreneur, however, you should know how your clients think to be able to come up with promotional ideas that will matter to them. In particular, pay attention to what may or may not offend or tickle their creative minds.


Choose Between Paid Vs. Unpaid Advertising

That is a dilemma for some women – and men – in business, especially for those whose firm has barely gotten off the ground. You see, a lot of articles talk about the advantages of paying Facebook to help with your advertisements. The people behind the platform will endorse your page and assist you in reaching new users in exchange of a small amount.

To decide if this aid is essential, though, think of the number of folks who have known your company’s existence pre-Facebook. If you have transacted with more or less 50,000 individuals, you can invite them to ‘like’ your FB page to allow their other friends to notice it. Word-of-mouth is the organic way available in case you wish to advertise for free. Now, if your deals are lesser than that, or you aim to multiply the number by ten-fold, you may then opt for paid ads.


Use The New Page Layout Well

It is quite ironic how ‘change’ is the only thing that we cannot change in this world. From the people around us to our moods and desires, there will always be modifications that will take place, and there’s nothing we can do about it. To be specific, on Facebook, they do minor yet detailed changes in the platform pages. All you can do to ensure that the new layouts will work to your advantage is to:

1. Get Accustomed To The New Features

The creators of the social media channel made the design more user-friendly than the previous one. The first proof is that you can now share not only photos or videos on your posts but also your mood, location, milestones, polls, and even links to products. Separate compilations of Services, Reviews, Events, and other information are on the left-hand side of the page too.


2. Make Proper CTA Buttons

Another thing that used to be amiss in the old version is the ability to customize call-to-action buttons that appear on the bottom of the cover picture. Facebook has even prepared different CTAs that you can add to the page. If you have a gaming page, for instance, you may add ‘Use App’ or ‘Play Game.’ In case you offer services, it’s possible to include a Contact Us button.

3. Use A Clear Profile Picture

As a Facebook user yourself, you may have skipped many pages in the past due to its low-resolution or inappropriate profile image that appears when you enter a keyword in the search box. This experience should give you an inkling that others may look for HD pictures like you; that’s why your profile photo needs to look sharp. We recommend making its size 360 by 360 pixels at maximum to fit in the new space.


4. Redefine Your Cover Image

Of course, you cannot forget your cover image. Facebook moved the profile picture on the side so that the two will no longer overlap (unlike what’s shown on the photo above). That is your chance to create a banner that shows as much information about the business as possible without cramming words into all available spaces. You may change the cover picture several times a year to showcase the latest merchandise you are offering or write the services you offer craftily, yet ascertain that it has the right dimensions (828 by 465 pixels).

Final Thoughts

Despite the popularity of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels, there’s no doubt that millions of people still spend hours browsing through their friends’ and relatives’ Facebook feeds every day. If you can entice at least half of them to Like and Follow your page, then your marketing campaign can already be considered a success.

Think about it when you talk about expanding the business with your team once again. Good luck!

How To Keep A Healthy Body For A Techie Woman


There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to keeping a healthy body. You need to show commitment and dedication in making this ultimate goal a reality. Take note that good health does not only mean getting the perfect body that you have been dreaming of but also making sure to minimize the risks of experiencing illnesses such as cancer, chronic disease, and other related injuries. John M. Grohol, PsyD says, “Keeping physically fit means keeping mentally fit as well.”

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