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Kate White, Editor-in-Chief
Cosmopolitan Magazine

Author, Editor and Motivational Speaker Kate White Launches New Book

Are some women destined for greatness, or do they create the opportunities themselves? That is the premise of the second book in her professional development series for women entrepreneurs by Kate White titled “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know”. The internationally recognized author provides strategic and inspirational advice to her audience and has developed a large literary fan base for her sage, sometimes humorous but always accurate career advice for women.

You might say she is more than qualified.

Kate White is presently the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine one of the most successful publications in the world. But if you think that corner office was given to her without some hard work, think again. She began with Glamour magazine as an editorial assistant after winning a “Top Ten College Women” contest and she managed four national magazines before assuming her present role in 1998 with Cosmopolitan.

Anyone who thinks you “can’t have it all” has never met Manhattan’s Kate White who manages a busy schedule, family life with two children and continues to make time to feed her passion for writing. A prolific author in a number of genres, she wrote her first book “A Body to Die For” in 2004 which was chosen for the book club on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Her many titles include “Til Death Do Us Part”, “Over Her Dead Body” and other books which made the New York Times best-sellers list. In 2010 she entered the thriller genre for the first time with two publications “HUSH” and “The Sixes”.

It is her extensive experience in the literary and business world that creates such compelling and real advice that modern business women can relate to. Collapsing the myth of waiting for the big breaks to happen (as opposed to making them for yourself) her first book in the series taught women how to get exactly what they want without feeling bad about it.

Having inspired and motivated generations of female thought leaders, her latest book reveals some how-to key stratagem for women to succeed in today’s business climate. Chapters include advice on professional satisfaction and career advancement and other ‘gutsy’ moves for a girl to get exactly what she wants from her career.

• Land a Job You’re Truly Passionate About
• Use “Bitch Envy” to Your Advantage
• Radiate Confidence and Get Buzzed About (Without Worrying What Other People Think)
• Ask for the Money You Want—and Get It
• Manage Your Career and Not Just Your Job (It’s a Whole Different Ball Game!)

Power to the women? You bet! Or at least the ones that are ambitious and obstinate enough to throw themselves passionately into their careers and dreams to make them happen. That is the power of the message of Kate White who not only advises but lives the example that inspires women around the Globe.

Author, editor and motivational speaker, Kate White is one tough act worth following! For more information on Kate White visit her official website here or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook for current news and valuable insights.


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