ShesConnected Conference

About the Conference

Be part of this innovative Social Media conference where
Digital Women and Brands connect.

Attending the conference will allow you to;

1. Build your social influence
2. Connect and grow your community
3. Attend hands-on workshops where you’ll get the skills you need
4. Gain knowledge that will help you build your social brand
5. Learn alongside the brands how to build to partnerships

We are a proud supporter of Small Business Week and have scheduled our conference during this week to highlight the female small business owners in our community.


ShesConnected is Unique

We are Connecting Leaders: We connect digital women with Brands

While there are conferences that cater specifically to top digital women and bloggers and others that cater specifically to Brands and Agencies, ShesConnected brings them all together in a unique and interactive forum. ShesConnected owns and operates our own social network ( That means more reach, experience and expertise. In addition to our annual conference, we create long-term relationships with brands through our blogger, brand ambassador programs and blogger pitch programs.

For digital women who have been interested in working with brands, we work tirelessly to connect and engage with you before our annual conference, through our wildly successful twitter parties.  Months after engaging online, these digital women then have the opportunity to connect face-to-face at our conference.  This is one of the reasons that ShesConnected conferences are different. Brands and digital women engage with each other prior to the conference, they get to meet face to face at the conference and then continue the conversation even after the event.

We are not interested in a one-night stand.  Our core business is in creating long-term relationships:

Toshiba Canada, a gold sponsor of the 2011 event, created a holiday program with 40+ bloggers post conference, and used ShesConnected’s Blog Pitch program where digital women were able to “pitch” ideas to Toshiba for the launch of their new tablet. This was a very successful program because Toshiba selected digital women based on the best ideas.

Who will attend?

1. Digitally Connected Women

2. Brands

3. Industry Experts

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Ford at ShesConnected Conference 2011

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About ShesConnected

ShesConnected Multimedia is the go-to community management agency that provides outsourced community management services for leading brands. With a database of 400,000 bloggers, social networking sites and forums, we have created a proprietary methodology that allows brands to build meaningful relationships and conversations with women. ShesConnected has the expertise you need for creating and sustaining vibrant online communities. Contact us to find out how we can help your brand today.
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