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August 18th, 2011


In true ShesConnected style – a much anticipated, heartily promoted and carefully orchestrated Twitter Party brought together over 400 women and 17 brands; allowing them to connect and learn from each other over tweets.

The first ShesConnected Conference Twitter Party was scheduled back in July, introducing brands and digital women and allowing them to kick off the conversation. We then followed up with a second twitter party in August which resulted in even more buzz, conversations and connections between the two. So why did we start conversations months before the conference?

We want to build relationships. Who wouldn’t want to get to know someone before they meet them “IRL”? By engaging brands and digital women in a friendly and relaxed – yet organized – fashion, it puts them at ease and gives them confidence for when they meet face to face at the conference. And it doesn’t stop there… look for our follow up Twitter Party AFTER the conference!

What did the digital women think?

“The ShesConnected Twitter Party was the best I’ve participated in because there were representatives of the brands online to answer questions and provide information. I hope they understand their clients better after the Twitter party. I know I understand more about what they offer. Often Twitter parties seem to be about giving things away and getting a term to trend. The ShesConnected party was about connecting, though I’m sure some brands trended. It really was a party to be proud of.”
Barbara Dundas @OttMomGo

“If you’re going to throw a party on Twitter, you should first attend a ShesConnected Twitter party and take notes. Not only do they offer the chance to learn more about brands and connect with digital women, they also provide a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to engage in a fun and meaningful way. The turnout is always impressive, as are the prizes, which makes ShesConnected Twitter parties very exciting. There is, undeniably, a lot of work and planning that goes into their Twitter parties, which consequently ensures their success.”
Diana Mancuso @teachermomoftwo

“What do you get when you cross fabulous brands with enthusiastic consumers? An incredible twitter party! The ShesConnected twitter party connected women and brands in real time, gave consumers a voice (that was listened to) and allowed brands to really get engaged! The discussions that continued through the night and into the next day, were further proof that this formula “works”!”
Heather Hamilton @tjzmommy and @zacksdream

What did some of the brands think?

“The level of engagement and amplification we have experienced through the She’s Connected Twitter parties is unprecedented for Toshiba Canada. We entered into social media full force this year and are extremely excited to be able to realize one-to-one marketing and hear what consumers have to say about our products. The She’s Connected digital women are tech savvy and highly engaged, we can’t wait to meet them face to face at #SCCTO.”
Melissa Moore @ToshibaCanada Social Media & Communications Manager Toshiba of Canada Limited

“If they took the time to answer my questions, I’m sure going to take the time to tweet back/listen and learn. One of the best opportunities I’ve had to ignite conversation around our brand and receive real-time feedback on products, as well as overall chatter with a very welcoming and enthusiastic group.”
Tonia Hammer @MolsonTonia Community Relations, PR & Social Media girl for Molson Coors Canada

“Last night’s ShesConnected Twitter Party was another first for the Royal Canadian Mint, but it won’t be our last! While we’ve been engaged in social media for over two years, this incredible level of engagement was unprecedented! Within an hour of exchanging and sharing tweets, we were trending in Canada! It will be such a pleasure to meet these digital influencers face-to-face at the end of the month when we all meet for ShesConnected Toronto 2011. In the meantime, we’ll keep tweeting!
Carolyn Gardner, @canadianmint Project Manager, Social Media, Royal Canadian Mint

“Besides personally having a blast while participating in the ShesConnected twitter parties, I also learned more about what Canadian women think about not just the Janes brand but also about cooking for and feeding their families. We gained many new twitter followers as a result of these twitter parties and in the weeks since they took place, we’ve had meaningful conversations and developed online relationships that we hope will help to strengthen our brand long term.”
Dana McCauley @JanesFamilyFd Culinary Director at Janes Family Foods

“The twitter party hosted by ShesConnected was a fabulous success! PTPA has been strongly involved in social media for the last few years but we are excited to say that this was our first time making it as a trending topic in Canada. It was a great way to connect us to the parents who follow us regularly and have a chance to answer their questions. We look forward to meeting them all IRL at the upcoming Shesconnected conference!”
Sharon Vinderine, Founder & CEO PTPA Media Inc. @PTPASharon


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