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October 23rd, 2012

SheConnected 2012 – That’s a Wrap!

What an amazing weekend it was, this year’s ShesConnected conference was a success no matter which way you look at it. Simply by looking around the conference center at any given moment we were met with the sight of people connecting. Laughter rang through the [...]

October 20th, 2012

Ford Escape Video

October 19th, 2012

UBER Codes for BLACK Car Rides – we sure

A Message from ShesConnected: What a day! Thanks so much for joining us. We hope that you enjoyed they day and had the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers and with our fabulous brands. We hope to see you at the party tonight. You can [...]


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5 Reasons Digital Women Should Attend

  • 1. Build your social influence
  • 2. Connect and grow your community
  • 3. Attend Hands on workshops where you’ll get the skills you need
  • 4. Gain knowledge that will help you build your social brand
  • 5. Learn alongside the brands how to build to partnerships

5 Reasons Brands & Agencies Should Attend

  • 1. Best crash course on how to reach digital women
  • 2. Hear from digital women directly how to best to build partnerships
  • 3. Gain a better understanding of the social landscape
  • 4. Multiple opportunities to connect face to face with Canada’s top influencers
  • 5. Attend Hands on workshops where you’ll get the skills you need

What Brands are Saying

Donna and her team were masters at introducing the Ford brand to bloggers - we continue to interact and work with the bloggers we met at the Conference. ShesConnected accommodated all our requests, and added strategic value to help us with our on-site and virtual presence. We were a trending topic twice in Canada as a result of to the ShesConnected Twitter parties.
The participants were really engaged and passionate about technology. We are now getting bombarded by requests from female influencers - which is great!
The level of engagement and amplification we have experienced through ShesConnected is unprecedented for Toshiba Canada.
While we’ve been engaged in social media for over two years, this incredible level of engagement was unprecedented!
I learned more about what Canadian women think about not just the Janes brand but also about cooking for and feeding their families.
One of the best opportunities I’ve had to ignite conversation around our brand and receive real-time feedback on products, as well as overall chatter with a very welcoming and enthusiastic group.
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About ShesConnected

ShesConnected Multimedia is the go-to community management agency that provides outsourced community management services for leading brands. With a database of 400,000 bloggers, social networking sites and forums, we have created a proprietary methodology that allows brands to build meaningful relationships and conversations with women. ShesConnected has the expertise you need for creating and sustaining vibrant online communities. Contact us to find out how we can help your brand today.
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