The 2014 Newark Women Digital Marketers Summit

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One of the unforgettable events that I attended in the past is 2014 Newark women digital marketers summit. The event was organized to help women businesspersons and marketing professionals understand how technology can help them to succeed in their chosen business venture. It must be noted that the number of attendees for the summit was limited. Fortunately, I was able to secure one for myself before it runs out.

In this article, allow me to share some of the tips and tricks that I learned from the keynote speakers for the event.

  • Every entrepreneur must start to use digital advertising strategies to promote one’s products and services. It is essential because we are now in the age of digital technology where several members of your target market are already using the Internet to get what they want.
  • An effective marketer knows the proper things to do. If you’re going to be one, it is imperative on your part to welcome change and new learning. Avoid being stubborn in following the rules in the advertising industry.
  • Your brand represents your company, which is why you need to be great at branding. Know the type of image or reputation that you want people to remember your firm. Be aggressive yet somehow conservative when it comes to promoting your company’s brand.
  • Be nice to the people who are part of your workforce or team. Take note that the success of a business does not only depend on what you sell but also on the persons who are behind all the efforts. Remind yourself that a happy employee means a strong opportunity or chance for your company.

Looking back to the said summit, I feel happy and proud to have attended. The said event reminded me of the top strategies to use in succeeding in a small business. I wish I could participate in similar events in the future.


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