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October 24th, 2011

Giving Thanks To Ford

When I was “young” shh please don’t tell anyone that I’m admitting to feeling pretty ancient today both Hubby and I craved cars that were all flash.  We were after style and speed and not much else.  Now that I’m a Mama, I have to admit I still want style and speed, but you know what else?  I want safety too.  Nothing brought this home more then a couple of weeks ago when we were taking a drive through the countryside to go and visit my folks.  We ended up here…


That car pulled over there on the side of the road?  That’s mine. Stranded at the side of the deserted country road.  About half way through our trip…somewhere between NoWheresVille and and HicksVille we blew a tire.  Loudly.


This my friends is not a fun experience.  Thankfully,  Hubby is an excellent driver, was not speeding, and was able to safely get our vehicle and his entire family safely to the side of the road without incident.  He made a quick call to Ford Roadside Assistance while I called my Daddy.  Yah, don’t judge, it’s what I did.

Ironically we were on our way to Thanksgiving and suddenly I had all kinds of new things to be thankful for.  I was thankful for my dear Hubby’s skilful driving. I was thankful for cell phones and to the tow truck driver who arrived so quickly.  I was thankful for the kindness of strangers!  Look at the nice people who stopped on the way to their Thanksgiving’s to see if we were okay!


I am also thankful for this.  Ingenuity.  While at the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto I was introduced to the coolest new feature created by Ford.  It’s called MyKey™  and is a feature designed to help parents encourage teenagers to drive safely.  This new technology gives you the ability to designate a key and set it up to operate a variety of special features to help keep your babies safe.  MyKey™ can restrict the vehicle’s top speed, limit the entertainment system’s volume, and it can be set to give you a warning when the fuel tank reaches 120 kilometres to empty!  MyKey™ also lets you select speed alert chimes; and you can set the Belt-Minder™ System to chime until the safety belt is buckled.

I already have nieces and nephews on the road, and my BlueEyed Girl will be driving in a little over 3 years!  I think a system like MyKey™ could save lives. Thanks Ford, every little bit helps.

So now that my priorities have changed, I’ll admit it, I’m thankful for safety features.  I may be getting older, but I’m pretty sure I’m also getting smarter.

Don’t miss the Ford Twitter Party on October 27th at 8pm! Just follow the hashtag #FORDSCCTO

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